my Point of View

i have an idea! 

My favorite exclamation should send all of my friends and family running since my ideas tend to be elaborate and involve others, usually them.  But I have great people.  I call my basement, and yes, part of my parents’ basement, the land of creative projects.  If all of your stuff is under your own roof you must be a grownup!  Congratulations? 

My crazy basement(s) are insurance against boredom.  I’m covered! In fact, I have dual coverage.  I will never be bored.  I am the policyholder but no one wants to be the beneficiary of my creative clutter.  Hard to fathom. 

My collection of canvases, embroidery, beads, jars, etc. will be beautifully organized in my art studio someday.  Meanwhile, I’ll just make stuff and share it in my virtual art studio. If you like to make stuff too, subscribe.  I guide creative experiences, sell some of my treasures, share my point of view, pin great ideas and create videos.  

The videos are my new favorite thing to do.  Do you ever wish you could move the webcams here on Beaver Island?   View 49782 is a webcam that changes location.  I find the best view each week and send it to you so you can “be” here too.  

Nothing fancy.  What I see (and hear) is what you get.  No special effects, just waves crashing, eagles flying, sun setting, trucks going by, my stomach growling because I’ve forgotten to eat breakfast…again.  No, I’ll edit that out. 

I post five, ten-minute videos each month.  I’ll post an additional video for every 100 subscribers.  The more subscribers I get, the more videos you get.  I would love to send you daily videos so bring your friends. Let's go 'round the island.

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